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Whitehorse International Group applies scientific management by employing proven methodologies and accepted management principles. We are committed to technology transformation and innovation. We are also committed to practice standard market behavior, and to establish a platform promoting communication and information exchange among the healthcare industry.


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Shanghai Whitehorse Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is an integrated solution provider for hospitals and the medical community, from design to implementation, with software systems, products and services for property, asset, safety and security management, indoor air treatment, and clinical labs.
Shanghai Whitehorse Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has been recognized by the National Medical Industry Association. We have also been designated as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. We are ISO certified and hold several high-tech patents.


Modern hospital intelligent technology

We provide integrated solutions to hospitals with software systems, products and services for property, asset, safety and security management. Our hospital and public safety networking platform enables the public safety bureau and hospitals to coordinate their efforts in managing public safety and implementing security measures at hospitals.

We provide customized indoor air treatment solutions with minimal energy consumption to ensure that the indoor air is comfortable, healthy, and safe.


Modern Clinical Labs

Modern Clinical Labs

Integrated Clinical Labs

Provide professional and integrated solutions for clinical labs to improve the quality and efficiency of lab tests and to reduce costs and overhead.

Professional and Efficient

Supply modern, automated and intelligent equipment, meeting international ISO15189 and US CAP certification requirements, suitable for high-end medical institutions.Design lab tests that meet the needs of clinical development.Form strategic alliance with internationally renowned laboratories to jointly advance the professional development of clinical labs.Optimize processes, with ample room for expansion, that meet the needs of phased development.Centralize management and outsource non-critical business services.

Cases of integrated digital medical laboratory

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Whitehorese Group is a transnational corporation, with headquarter in Sydney, Australia, subsidiary companies in Los Angeles, USA and Shanghai, China. Whitehorese Group is mainly engaged in three business sectors, including big health industry, big data and information technology, print media and online media.